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Customer Care

Officers, staff and health care professionals of Physicians Choice Respiratory Services, Inc., from herein will be known as PCRS, strive both individually and collectively to maintain the highest standard of care.  Our goals include:


  • TO MAINTAIN the highest standards of medically accepted treatment


  • TO IMPROVE our knowledge and skills under physician supervision to provide each patient with optimal care


  • TO HOLD in strict confidence all privileged information concerning the patient and his/her personal, medical and financial concerns


  • TO REALIZE that fulfilling the need for oxygen and other medical equipment care is a 24 hour responsibility and to respond to patient needs in a timely manner


  • TO ASSURE that patients are made aware of their rights and responsibilities at the onset of service


  • TO ENSURE that patient’s questions and problems are handled promptly.  Patient’s concerns will in no way impact negatively on the high standard of care we provide


  • TO ASSIST the patient in seeking supplemental or alternative service, should medical needs dictate


  • TO ASSIST the patient to the best of our ability in the understanding of his/her disease process.  This will enable our patients to make the most informative decision possible regarding their therapy or change in care.

Patient Confidentiality

All information concerning the patient is of a confidential nature and must not be discussed with persons not involved in the care, unless written authorization is obtained.


Case discussion, consultations and care are confidential and will be conducted discreetly.


Persons not directly involved in the care of the patient must have the patient’s permission to be present while care is given.


Only those persons authorized by the patient, the physician in charge, designated therapist and PCRS staff directly responsible for patient inquiries (billing, deliveries) have access to patient files


Inquiries and/or investigations concerning patients will be directed to the appropriate source of information.


All patient information is kept in secure, electronic files.

Payment Methods

Accepted Insurance 

We are a participating Medicare and Medicaid provider and we accept the following private insurance plans:

  • AARP

  • Aetna

  • CareCentrix (Cigna & BCBS)

  • Freedom

  • United Health Care

  • UMR

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield

    • Florida Traditional

    • PPO Blue Choice

    • PPO Blue Options

    • Medicare Supplement

And Others…

Payment Methods

- Visa/Mastercard

- American Express

- Discover

- ApplePay

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